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Fluid Recovery Services, LLC

Mike Nawrath

5035 Route 110
P.O. Box 232
Creekside, PA 15732-
Phone Number (724) 349-8600
Phone (724) 263-1027
Email nawrathm@fluidrecovery.com
Internet fluidrecovery.com
Company Description

FRS provides a comprehensive menu of water treatment and management service for the Conventional and Unconventional oil and gas industry across the Marcellus and Utica shales.

Our Services Include:

  • Source water
  • Treat and reuse (produced water)
  • Treat and discharge
  • Frac and flowback water treatment
  • Treatment on-site at well-pad or FRS satellite locations
  • Store for treat and reuse
  • Disposal (non-return)
  • Dispose to producer
  • Impoundment services
  • Transportation (rail and truck) and water logistics

FRS’ water treatment solutions include Aquatech’s MoSuite™ technology, a synergistic combination of MoTreat®, MoVap® and crystallization technologies. MoSuite™ will treat drill fluids, hydraulic fracturing flowback and a wide range of oil & gas wastewaters including safe disposal of high total dissolved solids (TDS) production brine.

For Service Inquiries

Michael Nawrath


The FRS network includes facilities in Franklin, Creekside, Josephine and Tioga.

See below for addresses and contact information.

Creekside: P.O. Box 232, 5035 Route 110, Creekside, PA 15732, (724-349-8600) info@fluidrecovery.com

Franklin  5148 US 322, Franklin, PA  16323

Josephine: 931 Bells Mills Road, Josephine, PA 15750

Tioga: 18385 SR 287, Lawrenceville, PA 16929

FRS Susquehanna County - 5124 State Route 92, Kingsley, PA 18826

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