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Kessel Construction, Inc.

Tim Asinger
345 High Street
Bradford, PA 16701
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Phone Number (814) 362-4696
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Kessel Construction is a Bradford, PA General & Specialty Contractor specializing in Design-Build & Turnkey projects.


-Oil & Gas -Powder Metal -Timber -Plastic
-Breweries -Carbon -Graphite -Warehouses


-Corporate Offices          -Auto Dealerships


Butler Buildings have been a part of Kessel success for over 70 years supplying custom and pre-engineered building systems. Kessel and Butler have successfully built standard pre-engineered building systems, conventionally framed structures as well as “Hybrid” (Butler pre-engineered & Conventional design structures combined into one structure).

Additionally, Kessel can assist in providing custom designed compressor buildings, crane systems, meter houses and shelters for gas & oil pipeline development and related industries.

Steel erection Roof & Wall sheeting: Gas industry typical design requirements include:

Guaranteed Sound Management / Attenuation (roof & walls), removable roofs, Crane systems.

Concrete; footers & foundations, floors slabs, compressor pads, grouting, tank farm dikes.

The above disciplines can be self-performed by Kessel crews and equipment. We have worked for approximately 24 different gas & oil industry companies including Repsol, UGI Energy Services, Southwest Energy, Universal Well, Gas Field Specialists, American Refining Group, Kinder Morgan, Schlumberger, Chesapeake, Otis Eastern, Shell, and Superior Well to name a few.

Kessel Construction can help you with all of your construction needs from compressor buildings, warehouses, corporate offices, shop buildings, grouting, and sound attenuation.

In addition, we are partnering with key industry engineering and design professionals in the Gas Industry to help provide turnkey construction solutions.


You can get more information by visiting our website at www.kesselco.com.

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