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Fisher Associates PE, LS, LA, DPC

Steve Boddecker, LS
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Whether you're drilling an unconventional well in the Marcellus or Utica shale formations, a conventional well in one of the sand formations, selecting a route for a new pipeline, completing O&M work on an existing pipeline, or building or updating compressor or M&R stations, you'll be looking for a consultant partner who understands the pressure of development and the importance of a project that goes smoothly. Minimizing the time required for design and permitting equates to earlier construction starts and project completion, maximizing R.O.I.

Our Clientship Philosophy focuses on meeting your needs on your terms. We have Environmental, Permitting, Engineering, Survey, GIS, and Data Management experts specifically trained in the oil and natural gas industry having worked on these projects for over 25 years, well before the recent Shale Gas boom. Fisher Associates is ready to make your project a success. We succeed only when our clients succeed.

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